Thank you, Las Vegas, for helping us be part of the Best of Las Vegas Awards for over a decade (and counting)! We’ve worked hard to create the best and most beautiful custom cakes and pastries in the valley, and we appreciate that our customers love our work!

2012 – Best Bakery

Readers sure are a loyal bunch, especially when it comes to Freed’s, which has proclaimed sweet victory in this category year after year after year — and this despite a move down Eastern Avenue, and then down Eastern Avenue again. Must be those cakes, we think, or maybe the pastries.

2011 – Best Bakery

Freed’s Bakery underwent big changes in 2010, when its 30-year-old location at Tropicana and Eastern avenues and its newer shop farther south on Eastern were merged into one. But that didn’t change its standing in the hearts of readers, who remain loyal wherever it is.

2010 – Best Bakery

Others come and go, but when readers think of bakeries in Las Vegas, they clearly think of Freed’s. For the old-timers, that probably has a lot to do with tradition, but for all of those newcomers, it’s probably because Freed’s keeps up with the times, with cupcake towers and photo cakes and Las Vegas-themed cakes, among others.

2009 – Best Bakery

Freed’s reduced its bread-baking schedule last year to one day a week, but that didn’t prove to be a problem for readers who choose it in this category year after year. They still go to Freed’s for the lavishly decorated, intricately detailed cakes; for the pastries and cookies and cupcakes; and all of that other wonderful sweet stuff — including seasonal favorites such as, yes, fruitcake. And much more.

2008 – Best Bakery

Freed’s has been the readers’ choice in this category for about as long as there has been a Best of Las Vegas, not only because of the old-time goodness of its cakes and pastries — such as the fruitcake at Christmastime that’s actually good — but also because the bakery has been canny enough to keep up with the times. The specialty now is wedding cakes, but if you’d like a Mango Cheesecake Tower of Cupcakes or a purse-shaped cake, this is the place for you (and a new second location makes Freed’s easier to reach for folks in Henderson).

2007 – Best Bakery

That Freed’s is a perennial winner in this category is a testimony to its ability to keep up with the times. Now specializing in wedding cakes, this old-Vegas landmark also feeds the soul with all manner of cookies, pastries — nearly anything readers’ hearts desire.

2006 – Best Bakery

Freed’s has been in Las Vegas since the railroad auction. OK, maybe not quite, but it has been around long enough to achieve landmark status and no one’s ever suggested imploding it. That’s because of a selection of pastries, cakes and other items that is so high in quality, the home-baked fruitcake is even delicious.

2005 – Best Bakery

Freed’s is a genuine Las Vegas landmark — around since long before all of those casinos were imploded and reborn as various non-Las Vegas landmarks — so it’s no wonder readers have a collective soft spot for the place. And readers looking for babka, strudel, rugelach or coffeecake know they can find it there.

2004 – Best Bakery

Freed’s is a perennial winner in this category, and for good reason: There are few other bakeries in Las Vegas that offer so much old-fashioned goodness. Walk into Freed’s and you’ll immediately see the long glass case filled with cakes and pastries, cookies and other delicious things. Wedding and birthday cakes are among the specialties, and the large and growing staff of decorators makes same-day service possible.

2003 – Best Bakery

Why do readers pick Freed’s again and again (and again and again …)? It might have something to do with the fact that Freed’s is one of the city’s last bastions of the old-fashioned bakery that can do it all and has been doing it for more than 40 years.

2002 – Best Bakery

It’s no wonder readers are crazy about Freed’s, choosing it Best Bakery year after year: Heck, even the Food Network has noticed, featuring the 40-plus-year-old family business in a recent segment. This is an old-fashioned bakery of the best kind, with enough newfangled offerings continually added to keep things interesting.

2001 – Best Bakery

No wonder Freed’s is a perennial winner in this category; this is the kind of old-fashioned bakery Grandma used to frequent, with all of the pastries, pies and cakes you would expect and a few you wouldn’t. But Grandma’s bakery didn’t sell coffee to go with the goodies.